Автор: isserggia | 16/06/2010

Charlie in Crimea

*The interview was written for our site by Dana Zhmudskaya

Dana: Hi Charlie! Welcome to our Sevastopol! What are you doing here?

Charlie: Hello-hello! The point is that I’m playing one of the leading roles in a new film, the shootings of which are passing in Crimea. So that’s why we are staying in Sevastopol.

D: What’s the movie? Tell us!

C: Well…This is a movie about the war. But It’s not the same as all got used to. It won’t be too terrible and cruel … It’s Hollywood! (Laughs)

D: Great, we will wait for it impatiently! And now tell us something about your childhood, and how you got to the cinema?

C: I was born on a farm in central England in an ordinary family. I hadn’t got any neighbors. I liked to go to school. Most of all I enjoyed to attend French lessons. But nevertheless, I was very naughty boy, I loved to fool around Also all my conscious life, I’m fond of sports, especially snowboarding. By the way, exactly snowboard brought me to the profession of an actor …

D: How’s that?

C: I went to practice my snowboarding skills to the ski resort in Vancouver. And there, by a lucky chance, was passing a casting. I decided to try myself. During the casting I was trying to be nice, sweet, to make them notice me! The charm is very important for the public man! And I did it! And when there was the first audition for the role of Demetrii, I immediately got into the role, I was so pleased to be part of the filming bustle, that I understood straight away that I want to work in this sphere and not to sweat all my life in a ski suit! 🙂

D: Does it turn out that anyone who wish it can become an actor with a worldwide reputation?

C: No, no. The selection was very strict, but I successfully passed it! I’m in general very lucky! (Laughs) And just my good luck helped me find myself!

D: Wow! I guess this is the most important thing in our lives — to understand who we are! In the future I want to become an actress, too. For fulfillment of my dream I persistently practice dancing and singing. I think it is also very important for a successful career in a cinema, isn’t it?

C: Yes, of course, you do the right things! By the way, you have very good chances, because all the creative skills are appreciated! But the main thing is to want very much to achieve the goal and to strive towards it no matter what happens!

D: Thanks, will try 🙂 And how about filming the «Twilight»? With whom among the actors did you get on the best?

C: We became good friends with Daniel Cudmore, who plays Felix, with Jackson Rathbone, playing the role of Jasper, and his «Twilight» sister Alice, who is actually named Ashley Greene. Hmmm … I also really like to communicate with Kristen! Generally, the atmosphere on the set is terribly friendly!

D: And were there any cool moments while filming, any funny moments?

C: Yes, rather! (Laughs) I can’t now recall the most hilarious moment, but usually It’s very funny to escape from the crowds of fans! 🙂

D: And what about the next parts of the “Twilight Saga”? People say «Breaking Dawn» will be divided into 2 parts!

C: Yes, probably. But I don’t know. All that I can say is that if there are 2 episodes, in the second movie there will be more scenes with me! 🙂

D: Awesome! Well, Charlie, thank you very much for the interview! It was incredibly nice to meet you! In a real life you’re even nicer than in the movies! 🙂

C: Thank you, I was very glad to talk to you, too. Hopefully I’ll see you soon! By the way … do you have a Twitter? … 🙂

Journalist: Dana Zhmudskaya
Helper: Alina Licachenkova

Part II will be up in a couple of days.

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French version



  1. нишштяк!!
    сланцы, сланцы, сланцы..обожаю этого засланца!!)))

  2. I like it )

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