Автор: isserggia | 07/07/2010

Charlie Bewley: I’d love to freak the hell out of little girls in 3D!

Although they have mostly lingered in the background for two films, I am transfixed by The Volturi. Jane, Aro, Demitri — all of them. Thankfully they take center stage in «The Twilight Saga‘s» final two chapters, «Breaking Dawn» parts one and two.

But we still have 18 months until cresting sunrise, so let’s focus instead on «Eclipse» — which is devouring the box office right now. I chatted with Charlie Bewley, who plays Volturi tracker Demetri about joining the franchise, crafting that eye-gouging hairdo and his hopes for a 3D finale.

PopWrap: Congrats on the opening week box office — $161 million is impressive.
Charlie Bewley: I really did not see that coming, it’s great. To think, thanks to this small independent movie we’ve gotten to embrace the whole world – well, invade might be the best word.

PW: It’s a pretty massive way to enter Hollywood.
Charlie: Yes, I started acting fairly late, but it’s never something I felt I had to learn how to do, I always knew how to act, it was just a matter of putting it into professional practice. I had to learn the process, but embodying characters is nothing new. I’ve done that my entire life.

PW: So you’re revealing yourself to be a grifter then?
Charlie: [laughs] Well, throughout the world really. I’ve scammed so many people throughout my whole life who never learned my true identity until I started acting. But I have to say that the great thing about acting is once you let yourself go, into a character, you actually discover who you are. It’s an amazing process.

PW: What is it about acting that makes it so revealing?
Charlie: With someone like Demetri — a rash, arrogant character — I’ve never overtly been like that in my life. You really have to loosen yourself up. Essentially everything you’re bringing to a character, it’s part of you. For lack of a better word, acting is therapeutic. You really are breaking down barriers, exorcising demons and finding more out about yourself.

The rest of the interview read HERE


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