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Happy Birthday Charlie!

Happy Birthday, Charlie. From Russia with love xx

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Soldiers of Fortune Trailer

Thx to @CharlieBewleyFP for the link

Have you seen this guy??

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Twilight ItaCon 2

Hello, Russia!!


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Another big day

Well, since no one remembers, let me remind you.
This is our site’s 1 year anniversary 🙂
I’ve been very busy lately facing a lot… I won’t say it was too much because I believe that we face just as much as we can handle.
Anyways, I only had time for group updates but since that’s the major of my audience, I’m forgiven, right? 🙂
So, what’s new for the last 4 months?
BD wrap, RFYL campaign and the Marathon itself (everything is up on VK) mmmm what else? my birthday, which Charlie has forgotten about (by the way, it’s not that hard to remember: Hitler’s birthday — 20.04; Lenin’s — 22.04; and mine is right in between — 21.04 *rofl*), we opened a public page on VK and got another group address: http://vkontakte.ru/charliebewley and finally found a great Twilight source, we affiliate with — twilightrussia.ru.
Well, last year Charlie said we’re his brand of vodka. We hope that we still are, aren’t we, Charlie?

Much love to those who stay with me no matter what. You know who you are. ❤
For the fabulous new design big thanks to Talat Aliev.

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Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Last time Charlie said:

«Those are photos of me,  I can’t complain, but where are photos of all you?»

Here we go, Charlie:

Well, not literally all of us, it’s too hard to put all 5000 of people in 1 pic, but at least we tried 😀

Full size of the pic

Happy Birthday, Charlie. Stay true to yourself.

A few words from our members: (Yeah, I’m gonna leave those as they are. Why? There is no such thing as a language barrier, remember?)

* Хочу пожелать Чарли творческих успехов, вдохновения, множество интересных ролей, верных друзей и надёжных людей в его окружении.
И любви, конечно

* Дорогой наш Чарли! Поздравляю тебя с днём рождения. Желаю тебе здоровья, успехов в твоей актёрской карьере, счастья, крепкой любви, удачи! Радуй нас своими достижениями в работах, а мы в свою очередь будем поддерживать тебя во всех твоих начинаниях! С праздником! С любовью, *Ангел*

* Dear Charlie!
With all our hearts
We greet you with your very special day!
We wish you eternal love and happiness,
Bright emotions and joyful spirits
All the year through!
A very Happy Birthday to you!!!

with love Julia,Victoria and Valeria

* Дорогой Чарли, поздравляю тебя с Днем твоего рождения!
Ты как Звездочка, как наше Солнышко, светишь так ярко, что мы слепнем от твоего Величия Очарования.
Будь всегда таким же ярким оптимистом, заряжая энергию во всех. Улыбкой сохранить тепло в наших сердцах. Творческих успехов во всех проектах. Знай, мы всегда поддержим тебя, во всех твоих начинаниях.
Солнышко Чарли с Днем Рождения! Всегда твои дорогие ангелы.
Натали, Россия, г. Тольятти


From Russia with ❤

PS: Guys, just tweet the rest to him, ok? 🙂

Ребята, все остальные, просто пишите ему на твиттер 🙂

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1 year anniversary

Once Charlie said that one can fall over looking backwards, yet I think that our community’s 1st anniversary is high time to spare a minute for a short glimpse back to see what has changed.

Actually I didn’t even realize until that moment how many things have been completely different a year ago. Me, I was a completely different person. Tho…. No, don’t count me in. I change instantly, and can be completely different a few times during one day, forget about one year.

Let’s see what has changed in our group. I made a small research and here are some facts/moments our community wants to remember:

*A few Charlie’s interviews in Russian I’ve read on the internet. Complete crap. And my thought – “Noway! He couldn’t have said THAT!”

*Our community starting with 12 members from pure nothingness. All we had was our motto: respect. And that one proved it’s utility a million times. Respect towards everyone and everything: Charlie’s private life, our colleague’s rights, other fans, each other etc.

*Sleepless nights – translating things, waiting on-line for 5AM BlogTalkRadio interviews etc. J

*The very 1st few people who actually believed in me… gave me so much strength.

*Getting to know other people. Letting them know us a lil bit. (yeah, no names, you know who you are. Lav ya)

*A real “invasion” on VK J

*The other Maria joining our community. She redesigned the whole layout of the page. More over, she’s not just a friend; she’s like the other half of me. I don’t even have to say certain things to her. She knows. That’s it.

*Our 1st 1000. That was awesome.

*Forming our small team inside the group.

*1st difficulties and facing them all together.

*Getting a group twitter.

*Occasionally starting designing community site.

*Charlie tweeting about our site BEFORE it was actually opened. (Yeah, only a couple of people knew about the whole thing so it was HUGE surprise for everyone)

*Charlie filming in Crimea. (It was horrible, just try to imagine: “where the hell is he if GMT+3 is mine time zone?!”)

*1st DM from Paulo. I count that in here coz it’s a side project of our community, to some of us Paulo started with Charlie, to others Charlie started with Paulo. And from me, personally: you can’t imagine how much in common these two have.

*Well, Moscow meeting even though it’s wasn’t meant to be. After all he did want to come, right? And we appreciate that. It seems Charlie still thinks I’m mad at him canceling it the last minute. Look, I’m not. I never was. Honestly.

*Lux. Bewleywise, or not, I really like the guy.

*Eclipse premiere and the film itself.

*Our contests. That was fun J

*Reaching 5000 members.

*The Ring*Con. And every single second this involves. Both good and bad. It was worth it. Finally meeting Charlie, Marianne, Celeste, Denise and Alessia, I miss you all so much! Three days were so not enough. (And only one for Cele! Not fair!)

These are just a few moments we want to keep in our minds. (Hearts can lie, minds never do)

That’s just a year, and so much more is yet to come… We’re looking forward to anything, what the next one brings.


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Charlie for art 40

Another charity campaign Charlie took part in raises money for  John Langdon Down.

On the pics you can actually see the drawing process. 🙂

Well…I remember something about henna tattoos… not sure I would have let this guy to make me a tattoo… henna one or whatever XD


PS: What do you think a psycologist would have said on that cute lil piece of art? 😉

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Baton Rouge

Via @Foforks

Автор: isserggia | 09/11/2010

Ring*Con interview

Great interview. Great Q’s. Great A’s.

Cannot help posting coz that’s a minute of fame for me too 😀

By @CharlieBewleyFP


Автор: isserggia | 08/11/2010

ECSTASY film teaser trailer

Cannot wait to see the whole movie! Coz everything we’ve seen so far looks very promising!

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